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Cascais, a place to AWE and wonder

Awe&Some is a collaboration between the best of what Cascais has to offer: hotels, restaurants, experiences and some more.


One that will boost all your business events.

How we work

At Cascais, you can place meetings, conferences and other major events on the turntables. From executive gatherings to unforgettable parties, you’ll find this town by the sea the perfect amplifier for all your happenings. 


Come and work. Come and play. Do it all and make it into a happening.


After awe is said and done, we’ll add some more.


image cascais

Reach out to one of our hubs and make it happen.

image cascais

Pick your Hub

Each hub delivers a selected style of experiences. Just choose the all-in-one set for your event profile and business goals. And if you want some more, simply add extra details from one of the other hubs.

Our Hubs