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Cascais, a place to
AWE and some

Cascais, the place of perfect blends. Whether it's meetings, conferences, or countless other plans, your company will create the ideal mix  of business and leisure. An executive event or an unforgettable teambuilding? This seaside village is the perfect amplifier for all your corporate events.
Come to produce. Come to wander. Seize the opportunity and create something unforgettable. And with all said and done, we still have something else up our sleeve.

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a collaboration between the best of Cascais

One that will boost your business events.

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Our soul focus is to merge business & experiences. To begin, imagine a gathering, a teambuilding, a conference… or a moon TED talk. You name it. With that in mind, add the place. Then, the tastes.  And, of course, the experiences (from team to dream).
Then, we’ll confirm everything and it’s good to go.

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Each hub delivers a selected style of experiences. Just choose the all-in-one set for your event profile and business goals. And if you want some more, simply add extra details from one of the other hubs.